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Why do you need Vadodara HR Forum?

Improves Productivity

All organisations must begin by seeking out and hiring a better type of employee – this is the responsibility of HR departments. HR departments not only recruit and interview candidates, but they also select the best of them and discard the rest. Human resources managers should collaborate with other managers to design a rewards package to attract “rock stars,” as well as a hiring process that targets engaged, productive employees.

Reduces Costs

Reduces Costs: According to Remley, “the company loses approximately six days of production for every $10,000 in compensation of a key person who decides to leave.” Maintain a low turnover rate by conducting regular employee satisfaction surveys and providing non-monetary incentives. Training and mentorship are another retention measure that helps to reduce turnover and internal discontent. Managers can also cross-train team members to cover for colleagues who are on vacation or sick.

Brand Strengthening

Top brands are frequently found at the top of rankings of the best places to work. Strong brands attract strong talent, but they are also produced by strong teams of talented individuals. Employees that are actively involved in their work are more productive and less inclined to leave. They can also serve as brand advocates for your business and a source of new personnel.

What We Do


Provide a platform for HR professionals

We want HR professionals to build a relationship and network with mutual connections, folks in your field, and even your greatest role models.


Steer and drive shared learning processes raising net worth

We provide HR professionals with learning modules from various organisations and individuals which help the professionals to enhance their skills.


Strengthen industry academic interface

We are passionate to strengthen the industrial academic interface to improve the policies that benefits the employees and employers.

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