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HR Interventions in Transforming the Organisation

Dynamism and constant upgradation are key for any organisation to grow continually.

We organised the session in which the prominent HR leaders Mr Sandeep Purohit and Ms Neha Wadhwani from GSFC Limited shared their insights regarding HR interventions in transforming the organisation from Traditional to Creative.

Day & Date: Friday, 26.11.2021

Time: 6.30 PM to 8.00 PM

Venue: KPlex, Above Spencer’s Mall, Near Vadodara Central, Genda Circle

Cyber Crime: Recognition, Prevention and Reporting

In today’s world, when everything is aided, rather controlled, by Cyber World, there is hardly any family or even corporate left which has not suffered an attempt by cyber crooks to usurp their hard-earned money. The irony is that most tech-savvy people have fallen victim to cybercrime.
Realising this emergent need, we organised an awareness session on Cyber Crime: Recognition, Prevention and Reporting.
The session was undertaken by Shri DJ Panchal, Inspector of Police, and Shri D M Panchal, Police Sub Inspector from Cyber Crime, Vadodara Range, Gujarat Police.

The speakers covered important aspects of Cyber Crime like types of crimes and how to avoid them. They informed about various types of cyber crimes done through free antivirus software, free wi-fi, lottery, games, social media, job offers, matrimonial sites, dating sites, Olx app, QR code etc. Fraudsters run their business on fear. In today’s world, any data in digital mode, may it be any device, is unsafe.

International Project Competition in HRM

With the help of our sponsorers: Gulbrandsen, YCS Baroda Pvt Ltd, Unison Insurance Private Limited and Naman Integrated Management Services Pvt Ltd, we facilitated continuous learning opportunities and provided a platform to forum members, HR professionals, Academicians, and students. We are really grateful for your love and support. We also thank our youth partners – AIESEC.

Transactional Analysis For TeamWork

Transactional Analysis theory supports understanding ego states (Parent, Adult, Child) which gives a deep understanding of one’s behaviour.
we organised a monthly session on Transactional Analysis For Team Work by a well-known expert in this field, Mr Sunil Acharya on 25.03.2022 from 6.30 PM onwards at INOX India, Racecourse, Vadodara.

A Glorious Evening of Awards

An award recognizing your talent is an honour. That matters a lot to us. We, Vadodara HR Forum solicits your esteemed presence at THE GLORIOUS EVENING OF AWARDS.
Day & Date: Thursday, 21.04.2022
Venue: Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay Auditorium, Faculty of Management Studies, M S University of Baroda

A Session on शासन सूत्र

Dr Jigar Inamdar has translated the book Minor Hints in Hindi named शासन सूत्र. This book is about the compilation of teachings imparted to the Young Maharaja H H Sayajirao Gaekwad lll when he took over the reins of the glorious state of Vadodara. The most fascinating aspect of the book is that the concepts explained to Maharaja in 1881 are still relevant as management guidelines.
Moderated by Prof. (Dr.) Bhavna Mehta, this session will offer the participants an insight into Timeless Pearls Of Wisdom.

Our Objectives

Improves Productivity

All organisations must begin by seeking out and hiring a better type of employee – this is the responsibility of HR departments. HR departments not only recruit and interview candidates, but they also select the best of them and discard the rest. Human resources managers should collaborate with other managers to design a rewards package to attract “rock stars,” as well as a hiring process that targets engaged, productive employees.

Reduces Costs

Reduces Costs: According to Remley, “the company loses approximately six days of production for every $10,000 in compensation of a key person who decides to leave.” Maintain a low turnover rate by conducting regular employee satisfaction surveys and providing non-monetary incentives. Training and mentorship are another retention measure that helps to reduce turnover and internal discontent. Managers can also cross-train team members to cover for colleagues who are on vacation or sick.

Enables Financial and Intellectual Company Growth

By developing and maintaining organisational competency, Human Resources must be able to assist in the implementation of strategy. This job can’t be automated, outsourced, or moved to another country: It is based on inside knowledge of a company’s strategy and current capabilities. It entails maximising employee performance in support of the company’s strategic goals, planning for immediate and long-term needs, and listening to and responding to employees.


Manages Change and Transformation:

Creating a company that is adaptive to market developments requires excellent communication with team members to alleviate job security concerns during times of change. It’s an unavoidable fact: Change is the new constant in everyone’s workplace, everywhere.

Brand Strengthening

Top brands are frequently found at the top of rankings of the best places to work. Strong brands attract strong talent, but they are also produced by strong teams of talented individuals. Employees that are actively involved in their work are more productive and less inclined to leave. They can also serve as brand advocates for your business and a source of new personnel.


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